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Second Annual New Hampshire Freedom Cup A Winner

The day was cool and overcast with a threat of rain.

The assembled golfers stood silent as the Marine Color Guard presented the American Flag. 15-year old Elaine Weatherby's accapella rendition of the national anthem floated through the morning air. A brief invocation. The second annual New Hampshire Freedom Cup was almost underway.

Everyone moved to the 10th tee for the ceremonial fist tee shot. This year Paul Roy, Jr.,a wounded warrior, hit the first ball. His effort was a tangible reminder of what we all were doing – raising money to support active military, their families and veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. And to honor the fallen of New Hampshire.

Despite the weather that tee shot turned the day beautiful.

For the second year, Len Ouellette's dream continued. His son, Cpl. Michael Ouellette, was killed in Afghanistan in April of 2009, a hero in particular to the Marines who served with him and who escaped the ambush that cost Michael his life. Len chose action to honor his son and all the NH fallen -- he founded NH Freedom Cup to raise money to help those serving or who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Annual Golf Tournament is the centerpiece of a yearlong effort at fund raising. And for the second year was a resounding success.

Participants were greeted by stoic Patriot Riders, veteran motorcyclists who go to events and silently hold huge American flags in honor of the Fallen. Two giant yellow ribbons were wrapped around trees on the roadside, reminding people to honor our veterans.

Over 100 golfers played, shared a great lunch and participated in a silent auction and a raffle. While there were official winners, in reality everyone won.

As Joe Paradis said so well last year:

"In the end, we raised a lot of money to help those whose lives have been scarred by this War on Terror. And we’ll raise even more next year, God willing. And the year after. I know Len won’t stop. He owes that much to his son. And we won’t stop either. Because if America even begins to forget why kids like that serve, then America is doomed. And I don’t think this country is that selfish, do you?"

So circle your calendars for next year:

3rd annual NH Freedom Cup, Friday, June 22nd, 2012